About Us


MasksForAll was founded March 2020, when Barcelona toy designer Amy Holden found she couldn’t buy good-quality masks for her children online. 


Having many business contacts overseas from her toy brand World Alive, she first tried to source masks abroad, but due to the overwhelming demand during the pandemic nothing was available.

Amy needed masks that would fit her two young children comfortably, and ideally something that was more environmentally-friendly than a disposable mask. Inspired by the #masksforall #MascarillasParaTodos movements on social media, she decided to create her own.

Drawing on her networks of family and friends, the MasksForAll project started to come together. By mid-April she had chosen a design, sourced fabric and found a small family-run workshop to manufacture the masks. Friends and contacts from Barcelona parents groups were inspired by the project - and newly out of work thanks to the lockdown - so stepped in to create a website, design packaging and manage social media accounts to spread the word. A small team worked remotely through the lockdown (while home-schooling our kids) and MasksForAll Shop was born.



With her long experience in toy industry, where quality standards are extremely important, Amy made sure the MasksForAll mask was certified to the UNE0065 specification for hygienic masks. We asked children to send photos of their rainbow pictures displayed from their balconies, and created a unique rainbow design mask that children could wear as a symbol of hope when the lockdown ended.

From the first trickle of orders in early April, MasksForAll has gone on to manufacture and ship thousands of masks to customers in Spain and beyond. We've also donated over a thousand masks to organisations which help people in need. We now supply several major retailers, schools and many smaller shops and pharmacies with high-quality, locally manufactured, UNE0065 hygienic masks. We've been thrilled to see the many positive reviews of our masks pouring in. 

Let's be honest, none of us like wearing masks, but we know that it's a necessary, and hopefully temporary, way to return to something-like-normal as soon as possible. The whole team at World Alive is very proud to have made a useful contribution to getting us all through this crisis. 

Better times are coming, in the meantime smile with your eyes!