What type of mask is the MasksForAll mask?

The Masks for all masks are hygienic fabric face masks which cover the mouth, nose and chin. They have a curved shape which reduces gaping over the nose, and adjustable elastic ear bands to secure the mask to the face.

The mask is made from two layers of fabric, allowing an optional filter to be inserted between the layers. 

All fabrics used have Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which certifies them as free of substances harmful to human health, and are 100% cotton. 

All lining fabrics have been treated to make them water-repellent and anti-bacterial, and have been tested for filtration efficiency by ITEL.

Some ranges are GOTS organic cotton (see individual product descriptions). 



What level of protection does the MasksForAll mask give against Covid-19?

Our masks are categorised as hygienic face masks according to this Spanish government guide, and comply with the Spanish UNE 0065 Specification. Hygienic washable fabric face masks are not N95 respirators, nor are they categorised as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The lining fabric used to make the MasksForAll masks has been tested by ITEL and found to provide a filtration efficiency of 94% for particles and aerosols against the standard UNE-EN 14683. The lining fabric has also been tested and found to be resistant to penetration by liquids and bacteria in accordance with EN-13795.

Fabric face masks do not seal tightly onto the face (unlike the N95 respirators used by medical staff in hospitals) but they can help to reduce transmission of Covid-19 by providing a physical barrier to respiratory droplets emitted when breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing – protecting the wearer and those around them. 

Face masks also prevent the wearer from touching their mouth and nose, which is a common way for the virus to be transmitted from surfaces into the body.

Face masks are only one measure which helps to reduce transmission of Covid-19 and it is important to observe other measures such as hand washing and maintaining distances.



How do I choose the correct size?


What are the filters and how do I use them?

The two-layer design of the MasksForAll mask allows for an optional filter to be inserted between the two layers. Three filters are supplied with each mask and additional filters can be bought separately. The filters are made from meltblown non-woven fabric 55gsm which filters 95% of very small particles from the air as you breathe.

Using a filter is optional, but if used it should be replaced after each use or if it becomes wet.



How do I care for my mask?

The mask should be washed before first use and after each use. The filter, if used, should be discarded after each use. Wash the mask by hand with a small drop of normal detergent in hot water, or machine wash at 60°C as a delicate garment. Allow to air dry, preferably in the sun. Do not use a clothes dryer.

The fabric is certified to retain its filtration properties for 25 washes. 

The Spanish government has provided this guide with information about washing masks.



How do I use the mask correctly?

Wash your hands before putting the mask on. Avoid touching the inside lining of the mask when handling. If using a filter, insert between layers (for children’s sizes, cut or fold the filter to fit). Hold the mask by the outer layer and apply to the face with one hand, while securing the elastics over the ears with the other.

Avoid touching the outside surface of the mask while wearing it. If you accidentally do touch it, wash your hands. Remove the mask if it becomes dirty or wet. Children should be supervised at all times while wearing a mask. Do not raise or lower the mask in order to eat, drink or smoke.

Remove the mask without touching the outside surface. Remove and discard the filter, if used.  The mask should be washed after each use. Wash your hands immediately after handling the used mask.



What safety information do I need to know about MasksForAll masks?

Warning: This product is not a toy. Do not use it with children under 2 years of age. Children must be supervised at all times when wearing masks. Never leave a mask on a sleeping baby or child, or anybody that is dribbling.

Masks must not be worn by anyone with breathing difficulties, or anyone unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask themselves. There is a risk of asphyxia when wet as a wet mask may prevent breathing through mouth and/or nose.

The mask is classified as a hygienic face mask according to this Spanish government guide, and complies with the Spanish UNE 0065 Specification. The mask is NOT for industrial or medical use and is NOT certified for this purpose. This mask is NOT categorised as a sanitary product nor a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) under directive CE2016/425.



Where are the masks made?

The masks are made just outside Barcelona. All the materials are locally sourced.






What are the delivery options within Spain?

·        Standard Correos € 3.00 – Estimated delivery time 48-72 hours with (tracking number)

·        Correos Express courier €6.00 – estimated delivery time 24-48 hours (with tracking number)

Please note: For orders to the Canary Islands, please provide your DNI / NIE as this is required by the local authorities before we can send your order. The postage costs include customs handling.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. International shipping options can be selected at checkout. Prices vary depending on destination.

There are no delivery time estimates available for international deliveries, but you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number when your order has been dispatched.

Please be aware that international postal systems are being affected by the current situation and take this into account when you make your order. 



When will I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours. Delivery takes an estimated 48-72 hours with standard delivery or 24-48 hours with a courier. International delivery times will be longer and we are unable to provide estimates.

You will receive an email confirmation with a delivery tracking number when your order is dispatched.

Please bear in mind that delivery times given are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. All postal and courier services have been affected by the current situation. We appreciate your patience.



When will the design I want come back into stock?

If a design is showing as unavailable on the website, it means we do not currently have it in stock. Some designs may become available again while others may be discontinued. If you would like information on a specific design, please contact us at support@world-alive.net



What is the returns policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your mask for any reason, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. You can contact us with your order number by email support@world-alive.net.



Marketing and wholesale:



Do you sell wholesale to shops?

We sell wholesale to shops, pharmacies, schools and other organisations. Wholesale masks come individually sealed in attractive packaging with instructions for use and care. Please contact lucie@world-alive.net with details of your organisation for a copy of our wholesale catalogue and prices. 



Can I order masks displaying my organisation’s logo or brand?

We are supplying school, corporate organisations and retailers with customized masks that include their colours, logos or branding. Contact us at lucie@world-alive.net to discuss your needs and receive a no commitment quotation.



What options do you have for schools?

We sell masks in childrens’ and adults’ sizes to schools, universities and nurseries. Our masks meet the highest quality and safety standards and are delivered individually packaged for safe handling. Schools can choose from our wholesale catalogue or create a unique personalised mask in their schools colours and with their logo. Please contact annette@world-alive.net for further information.



Do you work with affiliates and influencers?

Yes, if you are a content creator or you have a network you would like to offer the masks to please contact lucie@world-alive.net 



Who should I contact for media and press enquiries?

If you are interested in press or PR please contact us at lucie@world-alive.net 






Who owns and runs the MasksForAll shop?

The MasksForAll shop was set up in Barcelona in March 2020 by the team at World Alive SL (NIF B63470496) – The makers of well-known children’s toy brands Aqua Dragons and Soul Mates. It is run by a small team of women who are working remotely while trying to supervise their kids’ schoolwork. For more information, see our About Us page.



Have you donated masks to good causes?

Yes, we have. We believe we are all in this together and we know there are people in Barcelona who can’t afford to buy masks. 

As well as producing masks to sell, we also make some to give away. So far we have been able to donate hundreds of masks to local organisations who distribute them within their communities, and we will continue to do so. Some of the organisations we have donated to include Caritas and El Casal dels Infants de Raval. You can read more about our charity donations in this blog