About Us

EarthForAll Shop is committed to manufacturing and sourcing sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable products for mom, baby, home and school. Made in Spain.

It all started in March 2020, at the beginning of the global pandemic, when Barcelona-based toy designer Amy Holden realised she couldn't buy good quality face masks for her children. Since she had many business contacts abroad thanks to her toy brand, World Alive, Amy tried to source face masks from overseas, but due to overwhelming demand nothing was available. 

Amy needed masks that would fit her two young children comfortably, and ideally something that was more environmentally friendly than a disposable mask. Inspired by the #mascarillasparatodos #MasksForAll movements on social media, she decided to create a mask of her own. Thanks to the networks of family and friends, the MasksForAll project began to take shape. By mid-April, Amy had chosen a design, procured the fabric and found a small family workshop to make the masks. Friends and acquaintances from parent networks in Barcelona were inspired by the project - and fresh out of work thanks to the lock-in - so they got involved to create a website, design the packaging and manage the social media accounts to spread the message. A small team worked remotely during the lock-in (while homeschooling our kids) and the MasksForAll Shop was born.

With her long experience in the toy industry, where quality standards are extremely important. Amy ensured that the MasksForAll mask was approved to UNE0065 specification. As a solidarity project, we asked children to send in photos of their rainbow images displayed on their balconies, and we created a unique mask design with a custom rainbow design that the children could wear as a symbol of hope and unity. 

Since the first orders in early April 2020, MasksForAll has manufactured and shipped thousands of masks to customers in Spain and other countries. We have also donated more than a thousand masks to organisations that help people in need. We currently supply high quality, locally manufactured hygienic masks to several large retailers, schools and many small stores and pharmacies. We are delighted to see the many positive reviews our customers have written about our masks. The World Alive team is very proud to have made a useful contribution to overcoming the global health crisis.

In the same spirit of reusable sustainability we have developed a range of new sustainable and affordable products. MasksForAll has evolved into EarthForAll, where you can find not only the best reusable masks, but also sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable options for mom, baby, home and school. Made in Spain.