Sustainable baby items made with organic cotton

The environmental impacts of cotton

Cotton is the most widespread profitable non-food crop in the world. The global reach of cotton is wide, but current cotton production methods are not environmentally sustainable. Cotton’s most prominent environmental impacts result from the use of agrochemicals (especially pesticides), the consumption of water, and the conversion of habitat to agricultural use.

Firstly, cotton cultivation degrades soil quality significantly. Although the area devoted to cotton cultivation has remained the same for the past 70 years, the production of cotton has depleted and degraded the soil quality in several regions of the world. The exhaustion of cotton fields leads to expansion into new areas as well.

Moreover, conventional production practices for cotton involve the application of substantial fertilizers and pesticides. Pesticides threaten the quality of soil and water, as well as the health of biodiversity in and downstream from the fields. Heavy use of pesticides also raises concern for the health of farm workers and nearby populations. Agrochemical runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, and minerals from cotton fields contaminates rivers, lakes, wetlands, and underground aquifers. These pollutants affect biodiversity directly by immediate toxicity or indirectly through long-term accumulation.

Organic cotton & EarthForAll's Eco Family Basics

Organic cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides aside from the ones allowed by the certified organic labeling. Its production promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles. EarthForAll offers various household products which are locally sourced and made from 100% organic cotton.

We offer a range of baby products that are all made with sustainable practices in mind. For instance, we offer Baby Bibs and Dribble Bibs which are not only practical, but also add a touch of freshness. Our Baby Bib has two layers of fabric, the front layer is made of organic cotton or linen while the back layer is cotton flannel. Two layers of fabric is all these bibs need for more absorbency and softness. 

Our Dribble Bibs are also made of organic cotton with bamboo terry backing, which makes them very absorbent and soft. Our Flannels also have the same composition. These Flannels are reusable wipes to help you clean your baby's drool, keep the crib cushion clean, and have an easily washable support for your baby's head. Similar to our Dribble Bibs, one side is made of high quality bamboo terry and on the other side is organic cotton fabric in different prints.

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, our baby products are also made with quality in mind as a key factor. Our items are reusable, washable, and just as effective, if not more, than the mainstream counterparts. We encourage you to take a look at the options you have available to you here.

What is EarthForAll?

EarthForAll is a shop where you can find a wide array of sustainable household items. All our products are made locally in Spain. Leaving behind single-use plastics and non-reusable items while investing in high quality reusable products can be a very efficient way of making your consumption practices more sustainable. Our products are reusable, practical, and useful for all members of the family. From hygiene and cleaning supplies to school items and baby care products, the EarthForAll shop provides sustainable household items with high quality in mind.