Is Cotton Wool Sustainable?

Disposable cotton products

Cotton wool is a staple household item for many of us. A lot of cotton wool in our homes comes from makeup remover wipes. These disposable items tend to be thrown away quite quickly, usually after a few seconds of use. Unfortunately, it takes a staggering 20,000 liters of water to create only 1kg of cotton. Most of it is most likely picked, packaged, and shipped from a field in India, China, or the United States, the world’s largest producers of cotton. A large amount of energy goes into producing these disposable items in a relatively time-consuming process. Moreover, cotton farming accounts for about 24% of insecticides worldwide.

One household’s cotton use may be insignificant, but it can add up quite quickly. Since cotton wool is not compostable, it becomes contaminated when used with nail polish remover, facial toner, mascara, and other products. Some cotton wool pads also have synthetic fibers added – to help them hold their shape, or to give a smoother texture. What this essentially means is that they contain plastic, and will not fully biodegrade in landfill.

EarthForAll’s Make-up Remover Pads

Despite this, cotton still holds many useful applications in our daily lives. It would be difficult to expect households to completely cycle cotton out of their lives. However, replacing cotton wool is a good start. Organic cotton is much more sustainable and does not have synthetic materials. Additionally, you can remove the initial bulk of cotton use by using reusable makeup discs. Every year a woman uses between 720 and 2100 disposable cotton pads to remove her make-up. This makes them the fifth most important waste in the bathroom. It is very easy to reduce their consumption by replacing them with washable and reusable discs.

EarthForAll’s exfoliating makeup remover pads are made from hemp fiber and are machine washable. They are perfect for reducing your impact on the environment. This is an easy alternative to cotton wool which can allow households to quickly lower their consumption of cotton wool, decreasing inorganic waste and lowering the family’s carbon footprint.

What is EarthForAll?

EarthForAll is a shop where you can find a wide array of sustainable household items. All our products are made locally in Spain. Leaving behind single-use plastics and non-reusable items while investing in high quality reusable products can be a very efficient way of making your consumption practices more sustainable. Our products are reusable, practical, and useful for all members of the family. From hygiene and cleaning supplies to school items and baby care products, the EarthForAll shop provides sustainable household items with high quality in mind.