Plan to stay safe this Christmas

Do you remember what you were doing last Christmas? Whatever it was, it’s likely that it was very different from what you’re planning this year.

Large gatherings and travel are out of the question. This year, we’ll have to make do with a small celebration with only those in our household or bubble. It’s undeniably strange, but we will get through it.

With a vaccine on the horizon, the time for big celebrations will come again. For now the most important thing is that we all do what we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe until this passes.

It’s winter so we’re inevitably indoors much more, and it’s these spaces that present the highest risk for transmission of the virus. As this article from El País explains, there are three main things you can do to minimize risk when you are indoors with other people:

Firstly, ventilate the space. Opening windows or doors helps to disperse the tiny aerosols that we all emit when we breathe and speak. In an unventilated space, these aerosols build up quickly, rather like cigarette smoke.

Secondly, limit the length of time spent indoors in any kind of public setting such as department stores, libraries, and cafes. The risk increases the longer you are in these environments. If you can’t avoid them altogether, at least try to limit the time spent there.

And finally, wear a mask. Well we would say that, wouldn’t we? But the science is squarely behind us. Wearing masks helps to reduce the risk of transmission. Let’s play it safe this Christmas by protecting ourselves and those around us.

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