MasksForAll - We're all in this together

The MasksForAll shop was inspired by the #masksforall #mascarillasparatodos movement on social media. As well as creating great masks for people to buy online, a big part of our mission is to make sure masks get to people who need them but can’t afford to buy them. 

When we make masks to sell, we set aside some to give away. We’re happy to say that we’ve given away hundreds so far, and we will continue to do so. We thought you’d like to know which organisations we’ve supported, so here are some details: 

Cáritas - Diocesana of Barcelona

Caritas is a long-established charity that assists some of the most vulnerable people in society. They provide social work and other services to people regardless of their origin, ethnicity, religion or political ideology. Their help is focused on several areas: families and children; homelessness and housing; training and labour market access; migration; elderly people and help with basic needs.


The Casal dels Infants del Raval

El Casal dels Infants del Raval is an educational and social project that helps children, young people and their families who may be at risk of social exclusion. They provide educational support, spaces and programmes to support the families they work with in Barcelona and beyond. 


The Federation of Single-Parent Families of Catalonia

The Federation of Single Parent Families of Catalonia works for families headed by a single parent, who are mainly women. They do advocacy work to help decision makers understand the particular difficulties faced by single-parent families and provide practical tools to make life easier. Their aim is to ensure rights for single-parent families and help them avoid unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. 


Lloc de la Dona

El Lloc de la Dona is a service run by the congregation Hermanas Oblatas, which focuses on caring for women in contexts of prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation. They do work in the Raval to improve the quality of life of women who practice or have practiced prostitution, helping them to develop personal autonomy and to be included in society. They also campaign to raise awareness among citizens and encourage community intervention in the reality of prostitution.



Esperança is an organisation which does weekly walks in two areas of Barcelona, giving food and other essentials to homeless people. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers and many people from Barcelona’s international community, as well as locals, contribute each week. Walks were suspended during the lockdown but have now re-started.


Fundació Servei Solidari

Servei Solidari work to promote the autonomy and full citizenship of young people and adults at risk of social exclusion to generate change for a fairer society, through education, entrepreneurship, awareness and comprehensive and networked attention to the needs of individuals and groups. They’ve been working in Barcelona for 23 years. 



A small group of neighbours who collaborate to provide food and other basic necessities to families in need in the Vallès Occidental near Barcelona. Run entirely by local volunteers via their Facebook page. 


Amics de la Gent Gran

Amics de la Gent Gran works to combat loneliness and social isolation among the elderly with emotional accompaniment and social participation. Their aim is to guarantee elderly people social inclusion and to improve their emotional health. They arrange weekly visits and phone calls from volunteers. 


Social Fam

Social Fam ran a campaign to donate boxes of fresh vegetables to local families during the lockdown in Barcelona. 


Mans a les Mans

Mans a les mans' projects help children and young people, with a special focus on those at risk of social exclusion. Three lines of action are followed that seek education, training and social integration for those who need it most.

Fundación Caíco

Fundación Caíco is a group of children and adolescents, parents, relatives, friends, medical teams and psychologists united in the fight against childhood cancer. Their objectives are: To improve the living conditions of hospitalized children and their families. To carry out actions that provide socio-economic support to families in precarious and helpless situations. Promoting and developing research projects and scholarships for training professionals in the field of paediatric oncology. To facilitate the opportunity to receive oncological treatment to children living in countries without medical or therapeutic means.

Pere Tarrés Foundation

The Pere Tarrés Foundation, with more than 60 years of existence, is a non-profit educational and social-action organisation created to promote the leisure education of children and young people. Dedicated to the promotion of free-time education, volunteerism, improving social intervention and strengthening the associative fabric, the work of the Foundation has, over time, broadened to include other areas of social action like training, research and management.

Arrels Fundació

Arrels accompany and orientate homeless people who live on the streets of Barcelona, giving priority attention to those who have lived on the streets for years and find themselves in the most vulnerable situations.


In these difficult times there are many people in need, so we encourage you to also support these organizations, either with a donation or in some other way. And feel free to suggest other organisations that you think MasksForAll could help with.