Back-to-school brings changes to covid measures for the 2021-2022 academic year

Going back to school brings changes with respect to the measures that are adopted regarding covid in schools. Different autonomous communities will publish their specific guides for schools that can be consulted online in the coming weeks for detailed information, but an important aspect is that the masks will once again accompany teachers and students in schools in this 2021-2022 academic year throughout the year. Spanish territory. The use of a mask in educational centres is mandatory for all teaching and non-teaching staff and students from 6 years of age, even when they are with the stable coexistence bubble group. For teachers of the first and second cycle of early childhood education, the mask will not be required when its use, due to the teaching activity, could seriously interfere with the pedagogical objective. This indication could be revised according to the data on the evolution of the pandemic and / or infections in educational centres for these ages. This has been based on the rule that the Council of Ministers published on June 24 that the use of a mask will continue to be mandatory in any closed space - if public use or that is open to the public - so it will continue to be mandatory to carry them in offices and stores as well.

At my children's school, they have even required the infant children to bring two masks, a bag to store them and a safety pin for the infant age students (3-6).

This article in La Vanguardia collects more detailed and differentiated information between autonomous communities.

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