5 Simple Ideas to Reduce Plastic at Home

Plastic was born decades ago as one of the best solutions to package products more economically and for the technology and energy sector to transport energy. At the time it seemed like a miracle, but decades later it has become the big problem of our society and reducing it should be one of the goals of our generations. And avoiding its use at home is not so difficult in a wide variety of cases.

At home we can perform simple actions and alternatives that will help us to reduce quite drastically the use of plastic in our home.

Reduce Plastic with 5 simple actions

1. Shopping with cloth bags: avoiding bags when shopping at the supermarket is becoming more and more common, especially since we have to pay for plastic bags. One of the recommendations is to always carry a folded cloth bag in your bag. It weighs nothing and we will avoid money and plastic if we have to buy. And if we have to buy a bag, reuse it later as many times as necessary.

2. Replace plastic wrappings with biodegradable wrappings: the film or aluminum foil we use to wrap food can be easily replaced with wrappings designed to protect food. On our website you can find very practical options, with options also for vegans.

3. Avoid using disposable pads and tampons and use cloth pads. There are several reasons why we recommend the use of cloth pads, but when it comes to plastic, have you ever noticed how much plastic is in the packaging of a sanitary napkin?

Plástico compresas y tampones

4. Buy in bulk whenever possible, or prioritise large containers. For each liter of detergent we use a plastic bottle. For each shampoo or soap, the same. Prioritise bars of soap or shampoo, or detergents with containers that you can reuse dozens of times. At home we realised that cleaning our hands with a bar of soap instead of hand soap with a dispenser saved us not only about 15 plastic bottles a year, but also about 25 € minimum. Imagine if you transfer this to all household or body cleaning products: 100 bottles a year we could stop using? I'm sure we could save even more!

evitar botellas de plástico en el hogar

5. Stop using single-use plastic water bottles. We need to get used to carrying aluminum bottles in our bags or backpacks to avoid using so many single-use plastic bottles.

Usar botellas de plástico

It's not nonsense. They are small steps that we can do at home. And don't be overwhelmed if you don't do it all at once, and don't despair if one day you have to use a plastic bag.

From our experience in the world of recycling we have to recognise that many large supermarkets lack awareness of recycling and still use a lot of plastic containers on their shelves, in the fishmonger's, greengrocer's or butcher's shop. We believe that the next URGENT step is for the industry to start taking serious steps to reduce plastic in packaging and to find substitutable and biodegradable materials.